AG6QO is active on the following bands:

160 meters; CW, SSB
80 meters; CW, PSK31, PACTOR and SSB
40 meters; CW, PSK31 and PACTOR
20 meters; CW, PSK31, PACTOR and SSB
15 meters; CW, PSK31 and SSB
10 meters; CW, PSK31 and SSB
6 meters; CW, SSB, and FM
2 meters; FM, packet, APRS
1.25 meters; Packet
70cm ; FM
23cm ; FM
12.5cm ; Packet

Find me on:

I operate a 2 meter packet BPQ Net/ROM node "WINTER" (AG6QO-4), on 145.050 MHz and 144.37 in Winters, CA.

You can access my full service BPQ BBS on 144.37 directly, or via the gateway or telnet from the BPQ node. The BBS was established for the purpose of passing EC, NTS, and general purpose traffic. You can connect on 144.370 by connecting to AG6QO-1. If you can't reach it directly, try first connecting to KA-node BERR37. Or, if you want to connect via AXIP or telnet, send me a message and I'll let you know how to connect. See my BBS project page for more information.
There is also a WinLink Gateway on 144.37, just call AG6QO-10. This system also scans 80 and 20 meters for PACTOR traffic.

Also, BPQ chat is available on 144.37 by calling AG6QO-2.

I can often be found on the BARK 2 meter repeaters.

If I'm in the mood, or in Emergency Services mode, you may find my whereabouts via APRS by looking up AG6QO-7.

Active on HF PACTOR. Using the SCS P4Dragon.

Now an active Digital Relay Station and Official Relay Station in the NTS system, providing message forwarding and delivery on a daily basis.

Active on WinLink. Member of the NORCAL_WINLINKnet, checking in weekly on packet, pactor and telnet.

Recently took an interest in mesh networking, and have installed four Broadband Hamnet mesh nodes at the home QTH to get my feet wet. Also have one installed at the BARK repeater site at 3000 ft.

I am a member of:

American Radio Relay League - Life Member
Berryessa Amateur Radio Klub Yolo County Amateur Radio Emergency Services
Straight Key Century Club Member # 10006
Cessna Owners Organization
Aircraft Owner and Pilot's Association
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
Linked In dot Com
Penn State Alumni Association